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About Us



At Jannatul Ferdous Mosque we make every effort to provide a nurturing environment in which one will not only excel in education but will also be expected to follow the Sunnah of our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as closely as possible.

We strongly believe that education is the shared responsibility of the school, students, families and the surrounding community. It is the responsibility of the staff at our school to provide the students with the moral values, personal integrity and ethical conduct which are consistent with our Islamic beliefs.

Our Vision is to set the example to build a vibrant community and to promote the Islamic way of life. To achieve this through establishing a conductive spiritual environment where congregational worship and service to humanity are welcoming to enhance the spiritual, social, & public lives of members. To safeguard the pure teachings of Islam while making relevance to the Canadian way of living.


Clean and open place to pray for all. We provide place to worship with free internet and provide discussion after prayer. We also provide Quran and other Islamic book in various of languages in our free to use book shelve. We also provide free breakfast on Sunday Fajr prayer and provide informative discussion regarding future of mosque or our community.


We provide Quran learning during the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) to students who wish to pursue learning to read the Quran and memorization of important sura’h and du’ah such as (entering mosque, exiting mosque, before sleeping, before prayer etc) for students in Grade 1 – 8.


Events helps us grow our Mosque financially while also providing way for us to celebrate various of events. Gathering are done to unite our mosque and local mosques along with members and their family to bring support to our causes.


Special thank to our board of members, volunteers and in-house staff for providing support to our mosque by helping on setting up events, providing support to Weekend school or even being part of the mosque. The Masjid does not exist without the help from our staff and volunteer.