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The Creatures of Allah and how they are important!

Mufti Menk talks about how life of a creature is important in Islam. How we should care about the creatures regardless of their type. In modern world we don’t even care about our nature, we are too busy caring about our self and forgetting that we are committing wrong-doing to many aspects of our life that we do not even think about.


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Pray for your belief, don’t pray to show off.

Dr. Yasir Qadhi talks about people who goes to pray and tries to “show off”. For example, people tends to pray and suddenly they realize someone is watching them and they start to “beautify” their salat.


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Why do Muslims Pray Towards the Kaaba?

Rational Believer made a video regarding why Muslims pray towards the Kaaba and how it relates to Islam.


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“Earth is being destroyed” – Global Warming Hadith

Powerful speech that talks about the current situation of global warming and human impact on other species including environment to other creations of Allah.

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“Forgive others so Allah forgives you”

“Forgive is issue of Iman” – Mohamed Hoblos

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